Vita Felice

Highlights of the IABS Vita Felice Life and Social Skills Program
• Social Skills Enhancing Exercises
• Self esteem Building Activities
• Effective Communication Strategies
• Presentation and Performance in Social Platform
• Critical Thinking Modes and Creative Expression Models
• Empathy Development Activities
• Building Social Identity


Aunt Owl’s Tales

STORY is a magical word that will open the fascinating world of imagination and creativity. These five letters will kindle the spirit of inquisitiveness and enthusiasm. STORY is that teaching- learning technique which will enhance the study and social skills of the young learners and thus contribute to a holistic development of their personality.

Aunt Owl’s Tales is a workshop for children and their parents. This is an opportunity for your child to move away from the television and computer/ I pad/ tablet which are mono communication modes and to engage in purposeful dialogues with ‘real people’ and ‘real world’. This workshop will kindle a spirit to read WORDS and thus will lead them to a world of LETTERS. Thus they will progress from their visual auditory world to a world of creativity and imagination.