We- Social and Emotional Skills at Workplace- Corporate Training Programme

• Thathwamasi : Self effectiveness enhancement programme
• Where There is a Will: Workshop on Managerial Skills
• Three Musketeers: Effective team functioning strategies
• My Social Space: Relationship management programme
• Datta- Dayadhvam- Damyata: Creating magic at workplace


Train the Trainers- Teachers and Trainers Training Programme

• Pride and Prejudice: Personality enhancement workshop for practicing professionals
• Social Identity Creator: Pride building practicum
• Know your Learner : Workshop on advanced developmental psychology for better classroom practices
• Tech Teach: Practical lessons for familiarizing the educators with the advanced teaching technologies
• Empower to Enlighten : Workshop on Customizing the prevailing methodology and pedagogy for the specific learners
• Yes They Listen to Me: Course on Enhancing Classroom Effectiveness


Learn to Learn- Student Empowerment Programmes

• Study Skills Training: Study skills enhancement programme
• Aptitude-Attitude Check: Advanced analysis session for various age groups
• Know Yourself: Self Assessment and Empowerment workshop
• Let the World Listen to Me: Personal effectiveness impact enhancement programme
• Me the Creator: Enriching imagination and creativity of the learners
• Much Ado About Nothing : Stress management workshop


Smart Parenting – Developmental Psychology Training

• Positive Parenting,
• Know Your Child,
• Teen Talk,
• Counsel to Calm, (Family Counseling )


Illuminate Yourself- Personality Boosters

• Who am I: Individual effectiveness enhancement practicum
• Drink it to the Lees: Enjoying personal and professional selfs
• Datta- Dayadhvam- Damyata: Practice a life moto
• Meet your Mentor: Professional Counseling- Personal coaching