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Alpha Team Adventures is a team of enthusiastic adventurers who have joined hands together to make adventure sports accessible to the public. The team consists of specialists and professionals, well trained in operations on land and water. Alpha Team spearheads training programs for corporates and students with an aim of building a new generation of exceptional individuals with high leadership qualities, endurance and bravery. We conduct activity or task oriented sessions that are designed to improve leadership skills, soft skills, change management, delegation, teamwork, planning and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned time bound tasks or activities. Debriefing sessions after each task, aim to review achievements and performance during these activities and tasks. Through group discussions and experience sharing sessions, the trainers help the participants to identify behaviours that enhance their performance; also strategies are formulated to deal with factors that hinder their performance. Post review activities are devised aiming at augmenting the performance of individuals and teams. These post review activities also act as remedial to ensure enhanced effectiveness.

The game-like targets decrease resistance to negative feedback and make it more likely to be accepted and acted upon. The activity oriented  training model used through-out the programme helps the participants to enhance their risk taking ability and encourages to indulge in experimentation and exploration.

This programme is open for corporates, colleges, schools and for other groups such as family groups, friends groups, clubs and residential associations.

We also facilitate and conduct adventure trekking, adventure sports and conducted tours to various parts of the country

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