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Who We Are

IABS connects professionals and organisations and synergise their efforts to create a brighter future. We provide all kinds of organisational developmental support and acts as a catalyst in the quantum jump that each organisation dreams of. We deliver solutions for the critical problems and empower the task force to be the problem solvers and innovators.

IABS believes in the unfathomable potential of human beings and their ability to learn, unlearn relearn. We function as a support system to nurture desirable behavior traits in the individuals and teams and develop them as highly refined and successful human beings and more mature human task force. We connect you with the best trainers across the globe; we provide you the best training solutions.

We provide personalized solutions based on the socio- psychological needs of the business firms and organizations, professional and academic teams and the individuals who aspire to renew and revitalize their energy and spirit. IABS instils a zest for enhancing clients’ potential and effectiveness that will enable them to realize their dreams.

IABS supports individuals in their pursuit of happiness by providing suitable and sustainable behavior modification training. We offer customized ‘Life and Social Skills Training’ to suit the varying needs of our customers, that emancipate and illuminate the individual and social self.


To integrate the human quest for knowledge and wisdom and to create a networking platform in which trust and mutual support ensure developmental opportunities for individuals and organisations.

To act as a catalyst to help the free flow of ideas and innovations that would rejuvenate the human psyche to explore new paths.

To enhance the quality of human relationships those bring excellence in personal and professional spheres.


To become the most reputed consortium of trainers in India by 2025, adding value to the lives and efforts of those who want to make a positive change in the world.


Iabs believes in the following five core values

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Humanity

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